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Muslim women
22 Jul 2015

Different Concepts of Beauty Around the World

Standards of beauty are different all over the globe. In some cultures beauty is one way and in other cultures it is another way. It depends on where you are at in the world. In North America, the culture is very different to everyone in this country because some people have brought their culture to this country. Other ways that it is different is because some cultures have originated here in the Americas. Some cultures are civilized and other are not so civil. Some cultures are sophisticated and others are not so sophisticated. In North American, the culture has changed in a lot of ways from before England took over and after England took over, once the wars were fought for land/freedom to greed/destruction of some cultures. Till this day, the land is still changing and different things happen every day the picture of beauty changes constantly. Sometimes wars start on differences in concepts of beauty.

Muslim women

The differences of beauty in cultures

In some cultures are so sophisticated that they can predict what will happen years before their time after their culture is long gone. In some places, their culture is passed down from generations. The concepts of beauty are different in these cultures because of their beliefs compared to the beliefs of England, Spain, Germany, Ireland, and Iceland.

In the very early days of the world such as the ice age era, the culture was to survive from the cold and the wild animals trying to eat them. The concept of beauty has changed since then because of all of the other countries have come over and trying to push their culture on the people already here. That is the only similarity that I can see till this day that other cultures are pushed on other people if they like it or not. If someone is pushed to participate in a culture that is not their own there will be rebellion which in the long run, can lead to wars and a destruction of a culture.

The difference of the concept of beauty from England compared to Muslim concepts of beauty

The concept of beauty from England is different from the concepts of the beauty in the Muslim culture. In England, the culture was all about the long dresses double to triple layered, lots of makeup and speaking proper English in the days where everything belonged to the castle instead of the people. Now England is a little more sophisticated on a lot of issues including the property belonging to more than the castle. The outfits have changed as well and the makeup is not as much as it was with a more natural look. People can work in offices instead of farms. People can even work at home if they wish.

In the Muslim culture, their women are not able to even show their skin to the world except to their husbands and they are treated not so nice. Their concepts of beauty are completely different from our concepts of beauty. In their culture, they still think that the women are property instead of people.