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laser hair removal
15 Aug 2015

Electrolysis: The Permanent Cure for Undesirable Hair Removal

Hair growth is influenced by primarily genetic and hormonal factors. Many a time, the side-effects of certain drugs, certain illness as well as temporary hair removal techniques, have the ability to stimulate hair growth at a consistent rate. Hair growth on the head is always desirable, for both men and women. But women since times unknown have cribbed about unwanted hair on the face, bikini line, upper lip and back. Indeed hair growth on these parts of the body, simply decline their beauty and lend a more masculine look, which is why unwanted hair growth is the horror of every beauty-conscious woman.

laser hair removal

Electrolysis has evolved as a major breakthrough in the arena of hair removal techniques, as it is permanent, reliable and absolutely free of side-effects. The devices involved in this method, disrupt the hair follicles by generating intense heat energy or chemical energy. This is done by inserting probes into the hair follicle, after which the hair is removed with the help of tweezers.

Number of Electrolysis Treatment

The exact number of treatments required to bring about permanent and complete hair removal, is dependent upon the area of the body and density of the hair growth. Since these two factors vary from person to person, the number of treatments too is a matter of ambiguity. Each session lasts for around 15 minutes to one hour, and usually recurs every week. Sessions may last up to nine months in some cases.


  • It is painful: The probe that is inserted into hair follicles do not pierce the skin, but simply access the natural opening of the skin. Thus, at most the person may feel a mild sensation like a bee-sting. The only sensation felt is when the heat energy passes into the follicle to destroy it, now that is quite bearable.
  • It is slow & cumbersome: This process treats every hair follicle to eradicate it completely and prevent renewed hair growth. Depending upon the hair density, hair type and area, the time taken to attain permanent hair removal may vary. Some may need 18 months of treatment, but such a procedure is surely more beneficial than taking resort to painful, temporary hair removal methods every week or month.
  • It can treat small areas only: This process is effective for every area of the body, irrespective of the size and density of hair. No hair growth or area is strong enough to resist the forces of heat energy.
  • It is expensive: Compared to a bikini wax, it is a permanent and cheaper affair.


  • When carried out by an experienced practitioner, this procedure leaves behind absolutely no scars, or visible, permanent markings.
  • Contrary to the popular belief, IPL or laser treatments cannot achieve permanent removal of hair. Electrolysis, on the hand is a clinically proven technique which disrupts the hair follicles totally, leaving no chances for subsequent hair growth
  • This process is devoid of major side-effects. Minor issues like reddening of the area may occur following treatment, however this does not last long.
  • This procedure is safe and does not involve harsh chemicals, bleach or skin irritants, to remove unwanted hair. Thus it can be employed by everyone, without any fear of skin allergies.

How to bank on the right electrologist?

Before finalizing on an electrologist, it is important to be aware if their qualifications and whether they possess renowned accreditation to carry out practice. You can also ask people from your social circle, who have availed the services of an electrologist in the past. Ensure that the electrologist of your choice uses only probes to treat your hair follicles, and not simply electronic tweezers, as this method won’t result in permanent removal of hair.