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skin care
12 Aug 2015

Esthetician Treatment

Esthetician is a specialist who specializes on this treatment medicine including traditional treatment is incorporated together for prevention and treatment of diseases. Most medical esthetics focus on how one would want to look or improve their appearances. The magic with esthetician treatment is that it can be used to improve the skin tone and appearance, maintaining smooth and youthful skin tone and treating skin that has been affected by diseases. In this field there are specialists who perform similar tasks like spa estheticians and estheticians, however their work setting is different as well as the training they are put through.

skin care


Estheticians work only on complementary to doctor’s treatment, that means they cannot diagnose, prescribe or suggest treatment for diseases that affect the skin that does not fall with their field of expertise, that is things to do with cosmetic products. They gently and carefully remove blackheads and some collaborate or work hand in hand with dermatologists through referral systems or in-office. Estheticians also perform facial, as well as providing important information on ways to care and maintain skin through instructing patience on good products for the skin, how to use make up, cleans and moisturizing products. Medical esthetician may most time come in to assist a patient on tips to apply make up to cover up scars, or replacing eyebrows that mostly come off as a result of chemotherapy. Spa esthetician mainly ensures that the clients look is good in other words; the main work here is majoring on cosmetics and client pampering.


Esthetician training programs vary on hours usually from 300 to 1,200 hours. Trainings are normally regulated depending on the state’s board of cosmetology, medical esthetician may take additional course especially if she is a nurse, she may train to be an esthetician but still perform her duties as a nurse retaining her nurse license, and this usually gets much easier on them if they work in or around doctors of office. Some of the training in which esthetician are put through are physiology, anatomy, sanitation, skin condition, management and types. It is however important that an esthetician passes an exam for them to be given the right to practice as well as license. That is the requirement put by most states.

Good Esthetician

How esthetician presents themselves matter a lot, they need to be well groomed, be clean and neat this is important for the customers as well the esthetician’s image, he/she needs to wash their hands before touching your face as well as maintaining a clean table. He needs to be able to answer questions you ask them and boldly advice you.


Estheticians are listed under skin specialists by the bureau of labor statistics. They are not categorized differently from medical and spa estheticians. Skin specialists that worked in 2011 had an average annual salary of $38,680, while those that worked salons and spa earned an average salary of $30,340, while estheticians that worked in surgical and medical hospitals had an annual salary of $39,300, and an annual salary of $40,490 for those that work in outpatient centers.