9 Jul 2015

Make-up Courses at Our School

Makeup has become a very important product over the years. While some girls prefer not to wear it, others feel confident choosing cosmetics. Some say they feel free, pretty, and they feel like they’re expressing themselves. Of course makeup is not essential to wear; some argue that women wear too much makeup. Others also argue...
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3 Jul 2015

Interesting Facts On Cosmetology

Cosmetology is an “out-of-the -book” occupation and a life long learning process. Dating back in ancient times,the history of cosmetology is a long one.Simply defined as the study and application of beauty treatment.This practice can be divided into seven parts. Beauty Therapist – deals mainly in massages, surgical facelifts, muscle toning and eyebrow and eyelash...
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30 Jun 2015

Beauty Tips for Your Skin

There are very many advices that can help you attain beautiful and flawless skin that you have always wanted. Skincare treatments include the facial and body treatments, waxing, body procedures, spa treatment, body and facial massages, and the application of make-ups. All these procedures are done to enhance your natural beauty. The following are some...
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16 Jun 2015

What is Electrolysis and How It Works

Right here, one can locate some profitable insights about lasting hair evacuation alongside the utilization of Electrolysis in accordance with various perpetual hair evacuation surveys. Electrolysis is not a just took the ribbon off new method for treatment. Electrolysis has turn into the favored and dependable routines for removing hair on the region of your...
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5 Jun 2015

What You Need To Know About Cosmetology

Do you know that cosmetology is a great profession to pursue? Cosmetology involves dealing with your customer one on one to ensure they look great and attractive. Currently, there are so many institutions that do teach cosmetology. However, it is one of the most well-known careers or professions available for people interested. Cosmetology services are...
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